Crypto Dogs Club
Welcome to the our special Club for Dog lovers
10,000 CryptoDogs are floating around on the open sea waiting for your help. Rescue them by providing a safe place on the Binance Smart Chain where they can live forever.
The CryptoDogs collection consists of one thousand mostly programmatically generated dogs. Each dogs is unique and differs from every other dogs at least 4 traits. Crypto Dogs find their way onto the blockchain for 0.3 BNB.

Why Binance Smart Chain?

The majority of the marketplaces for NFT’s are based on Ethereum. Because of high gas fees, the experience is less than optimal. As Ethereum enthusiasts we are used to this. But if you look at the real world it is kind of odd to pay more than $20 USD for every time you raise your hand during an auction. Crypto Dogs Club has been built to show that things can be better. The low gas fees and the high transaction speed of the BSC make buying, selling, offering and bidding a breeze. That is why the marketplace will be live directly when the minting phase starts. The marketplace uses the underlying smart contract directly which you can verify.

Crypto Dogs Club $CDC Token

Crypto Dogs Club $CDC is not only hyper-deflationary with a built-in smart betting system to reward holders, but also helps save dogs that are in need. $CDC employs three functions to reward its users. Each transfer is subject to a 10% transaction tax, which is divided between Liquidity pool, token buyback, and marketing provision.

Rarity Levels

All CryptoDogs are classified into five different rarity levels. A rarity score is calculated for each dogs and the dogs are assigned to the different rarity levels according to this score.
The 50 LEGENDARY dogs are unique, manually created special editions with a rarity score of 420-520. For each of the remaining 9950 dogs the rarity score is determined by the probabilities of its traits. The top 250 dogs are considered to be EPIC, the next 750 with a score of 350 and above RARE and the following 2950 UNCOMMON. The remaining 6000 dogs with scores of below 500 are COMMON.


The cool thing about Crypto Dogs is that it has an integrated marketplace. The marketplace uses the underlying smart contract directly which you can verify. On the marketplace you can offer Dogs for sale, place a bid for a Dog, Buy a Dog and accept a bid for a Dog.
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